Pine Mountain Lake


Project Name: Pine Mountain Lake

Division: Engineering

Project Size: Large

Condor has provided civil and geotechnical engineering services to the Pine Mountain Lake Association (PMLA) on multiple projects..  These include:

  • Civil Design of the Tannahill Drive Emergency Stabilization Project
  • Civil Design of the Tannahill Drive Culvert Replacement Project
  • Geotechnical Investigation for the PMLA Restaurant Expansion Project
  • Inundation Map/Dam Break Analysis for the Big Creek Dam
  • Ferret Court – Topographic Survey and Electrical Improvements Project
  • Par Court – Topographic Survey and Drainage Improvements Project

Condor will soon be under Contract to assist PMLA with an engineering inspection of the Big Creek Dam Spillway.  In addition, Condor has proposed on a Storm Damage Recovery Work Plan along with the Development of an Operations and Maintenance Master Plan for Pine Mountain Lake inlets and coves.