Education & School Site Services

Condor recognizes that providing high quality education requires that new school projects and campuses undergoing remodeling or expansion must also be first-rate. Our team of professionals and certified technicians has the knowledge and experience essential to assisting with these critical projects. Condor’s start-to-finish services include initial site environmental investigations, evaluations, and testing, assistance through the planning and approval process to final inspection services required for new or expanded school sites under the latest California laws and regulations. Additionally, Condor supports quality education through ongoing contributions to Partners in Education Program and various local school programs.

School Site Approval

Phase I ESAs – Condor conducts site-specific Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) in accordance with the latest federal and ASTM Standards for environmental due diligence. We also address California Department of Education and specific Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) requirements to streamline the ESA process.

Geological Hazards Reports and Geotechnical Site Analyses – Our Certified Engineering Geologists are adept at preparing Geological Hazards Report for potential school sites as required by Education Code Section 17212, and our Geotechnical Engineers will complete the Geotechnical Site Analysis.

Preliminary Environmental Assessment – Should a Phase I ESA or review by the DTSC indicate that a Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) is required, Condor assists through the entire process — from application preparation, DTSC negotiation, work plan, sampling program, analysis, and risk assessment, to final reporting. As necessary, Condor also performs additional investigations and cleanup or mitigation activities until the school site receives regulatory approval. Our environmental professionals have decades of experience with many different types of sites that can ease and expedite the approval process. This includes coordination with regulatory agencies, analytical laboratories, and professional toxicologists.

School Site Contaminant Remediation — Whether contamination of soil or groundwater is discovered during the site acquisition process or at existing school sites, Condor has the experience to clean it up. Condor has assisted school districts with remediation of historical underground storage tank leaks, and has successfully gained regulatory closure for our clients. Condor has conducted Removal Actions for four new school sites with a variety of contaminants of concern. Regardless of the types of contaminants, Condor ’s environmental and engineering professionals work together to find economical and efficient solutions for our clients.

Materials Testing & Special Inspection – Upon completion of the site approval process, Condor provides the necessary construction materials testing and special inspections required by DSA and CCR Title 24. To ensure compliance with project requirements, Condor uses qualified DSA, ICBO, AWS, and NICET certified technicians and California registered professional civil and geotechnical engineers.