Two Mile Bar Tunnel

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Project Name: Two Mile Bar Tunnel

Division: Engineering

Project Size: Large

Condor started this project (and many others with OID) about 16 years ago with hazard evaluation in late 2002/early 2003. The stretch of canal system from Two Mile Bar Recreation Area to Sonora/Kennedy Road in Knights Ferry was identified as a high hazard. OID has experienced a multitude of issues with rockfalls from the cliffs above blocking water flow through the canal to distribution of customers. In 2005 and 2007, core hole drilling was performed along the lines of the conceptual tunnel alignment and groundwater was monitored. Many analyses and reports were prepared that brought us to 90% submittal in 2013. OID was working with several agencies for permitting and allowances to get this project off the ground for construction. Condor prepared our final submittal and design documents in 2016, the project went to bid and award in early 2017, and FINALLY construction in April 2017.

There were many challenges along the way. First, unanticipated boulders on site were challenging for the contractor to build roads and laydown areas – this delayed our start by over a month. Then the mechanical issues that come with big (and aged) equipment caused more delays – with added electrical issues, there was never a boring moment during the construction of this project. And lastly, no matter how much drilling you do, ground conditions caused some headaches as well.

And then finally – a tunnel was born… Completed hole-through on September 21 at 1:47 AM. Waiting with baited breath for the last year and a half, the current team (OID, Drill Tech and Condor) felt a sigh of relief. Especially when the two ends of excavation met perfectly! Not always an easy feat.