City of Lathrop


Project Name: City of Lathrop

Division: Engineering

Project Size: Large

Condor provides a variety of services to the City of Lathrop under multiple contracts and task orders.  Over the course of the last year and a half, Condor has been providing CM support and Inspection on new developments within the City as well as providing engineering assistance to the public works department.  Currently, Condor is providing full time CM support and Inspection on the South Lathrop Commerce Center site that consists of 4.2 MSF of industrial space over 200 acres.  We are also currently providing full-time engineering assistance to public works in City Hall.  Recently we were asked to provide CAD drafting services to update the City Standards which we are doing remotely from the Sonora Office.  In addition to the above, Condor has completed 30% of the backbone infrastructure inspections for Central Lathrop consisting of pump stations, spray fields, a detention basin, street extensions, utilities, storm drains, street lamps, signalizations, etc.  Condor also is under an On-Call Contract for CM and Inspection services in which we have provided service on over 15 separate projects thus far.  The City is currently experiencing unprecedented growth and will continue to grow over the next few years.